NETWORLD Networking in preserving the First World War multicultural heritage in the Danube countries


Labelled DTP project - European Year of Culture Heritage 2018


Fourteen project partners from nine Danube Transnational Programme countries joint their efforts in the NETWORLD proposal to manage the sustainable use of the First World War cultural heritage by combining it with a quality cultural tourism. Ten Associated Partners participate.

During the preparation phase the proposal needs was identified. In order to have a joint First World War heritage evaluation there is a need to upgrade the national efforts and results on a Danube Transnational Programme level with a heritage management plan, database, strategy, project, results capitalisation, educational events and conferences. The stock of information will allow the link to develop cultural touristic routes to battlefield and memory places. The access will be improved by using innovative ICT tools. In order to have a large public recognition on the effects of the First World War  a further need is to analyse the heritage sites availability for touristic purposes, and to attract the younger generation by educational materials, games, ICT applications, lectures on First World War  impact, testing and demonstration activities. The Danube Transnational Programme website information will allow follow up activities.

NETWORLD contributes to the Danube Transnational Programme objectives SO2.2 by strengthening the joint and integrated approaches in preserving and managing the First World War cultural heritage and resources in the Danube region as a basis for sustainable development and growth, in order to increase mobility, sustainability, common remembering and cultural tourism.

NETWORLD applies a system approach in managing the First World War cultural heritage by identifying the lacks/needs for change on the heritage topics and related target groups needs to have the linkage between the heritage management and sustainable cultural tourism. The possibilities to link people to people within different cultures in the Danube Transnational Programme countries will be performed by a common strategy and database, increased mobility, cultural tourism, applying ICT tools, demonstration and testing. The expected changes will be obtained by the performed activities and outputs.

The main objectives of the NETWORLD project are to increase the awareness of the First World War heritage and its sustainable use for the development of quality cultural tourism.

The NETWORLD specific project objectives refer to:

  • preparing a database, a strategy and a management plan for architectural First World War heritage
  • improving the cooperation between countries of the Danube region in order to commemorate the First World War centenaries
  • increasing awareness and visitor numbers of First World War heritage by providing diversified quality tourist promotion brochures and by demonstrating the common brand “Walk of Peace” in the Danube region
  • promoting the value of peace, based on a common commemoration of First World War shared past through e.g. transnational events, scientific conferences, youth exchanges, education tools.
Networking in preserving the First World War multicultural heritage in the Danube countries
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 1869398
ERDF Contribution: 1404144,74
IPA Contribution: 184843,55
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Environment and culture responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources


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2nd Newsletter 08-01-2018 12:09:07
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Soca Valley Development Centre Lead partner Slovenia
The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation ERDF partner Slovenia
Rozemberk Society ERDF partner Czech Republic
Varna Economic Development Agency ERDF partner Bulgaria
Cultural LAB Social Cooperative ERDF partner Hungary
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Project News

  • NETWORLD - At the 7th EUSDR Annual Forum (Video)
    - 22-10-2018
    At the 7th EUSDR Annual Forum (Video)

    Representatives of seven NETWORLD project partners took part in the 7th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, held on 18 - 19 October 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. NETWORLD project was promoted to Forum’s visitors and guests...

  • NETWORLD - WW1 Escape Room Premiere in Zadar
    - 22-10-2018
    WW1 Escape Room Premiere in Zadar

    The popular "Escape room" event was finished, which was available to visitors last week, from 9th to 13th October, 2018, as part of the NETWORLD project. The “Escape room” was visited by 285 players. The attendance was above expected, so the...

  • NETWORLD - Exhibition “Maritime Education & the World War I”
    - 27-09-2018
    Exhibition “Maritime Education & the World War I”

    Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) - the Bulgarian NETWORLD project partner, presented exhibition “Maritime Education & the World War I“ to the participants in the Scientific Conference with international participation “Bulgaria-Germany....

  • NETWORLD - Renovation of the Monument - Portal of the Eight Infantry Sea Regiment in Varna, Bulgaria
    - 25-09-2018
    Renovation of the Monument - Portal of the Eight  Infantry Sea Regiment  in Varna, Bulgaria

    On the Eve of the National Holiday September 22 - Announcement of the Independence of Bulgaria in 1908 in Tarnovo, Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA) completed the renovation of the Monument - Portal of the Eight  Infantry Sea Regiment in...

  • NETWORLD - Varna City Tours to World War 1 Cultural Heritage Sites
    - 25-09-2018
    Varna City Tours to World War 1 Cultural Heritage Sites

    Varna Economic Development Agency (VEDA), in cooperation with the Union of Bulgarian Tourist Guides, organized several informational and educational events in September, 2018 to popularise the NETWORLD project results to public in general, incl....

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