MOVECO Mobilising Institutional Learning for Better Exploitation of Research and Innovation for the Circular Economy

Background and results

From a linear to a circular economy

Our current modes of consumption and production follow a linear economy: produce - use - dispose. Resources are extracted and processed into products. After using the products, they are disposed on landfills or incinerated. Typically, at the end of their life cycles, products and valuable resources comprised therein are lost from material cycles.

The future belongs to a circular economy, aiming at manufacturing products, which, after their use phase, can be easily recycled or reused. This can be achieved through intelligent product design and innovative business models. 

Benefits associated with circular economy are:

  • Protection of resources and the environment by improving resource efficiency and reducing waste;
  • Economic growth and innovation: Boosting competitiveness by reducing production costs and ensuring supply security by minimising the dependence of imports of raw materials;
  • Social benefits by creation of new jobs through development of new business models, products and services.

MOVECO closes the loop

The Circular Economy Strategy, adopted by the European Commission, aims at "closing the loop" of product life cycles through greater recycling and re-use, to bring benefits for society, environment and economy. Closing the loop of materials streams poses many challenges to research and innovation: Increasing durability, reparability and recyclability of products (extended producer responsibility), improving waste management and resource efficiency in industrial sectors, fostering industrial symbiosis and remanufacturing.

MOVECO responds to this challenge and sets its objective to improve the framework conditions and policy instruments for eco innovation and the transition to a circular economy, fostering smart and sustainable growth and reducing disparities among the regions in the Danube region.


MOVECO's benefits for the Danube region

The richly diverse Danube region is a vital link between Eastern and Western Europe. The close cooperation and concerted efforts within MOVECO promote economic growth, environmental sustainability and social engagement in various ways: 

  • Transnational strategy for the transition to the circular economy in the Danube region: This includes the identification of possible material streams for the Danube region and roadmaps for the strategy's implementation.
  • Circular economy toolbox: For small and medium-sized enterpises, including financial, technical and information tools
    • A brochure » Your trash is my treasure « displaying best practice solutions of circular economy in the Danube region and presenting general information on circular economy
    • A checklist that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to evaluate their status quo and identify their possibilities to move towards a circular economy
  • Online platform to support cooperation between business and research.
  • Virtual marketplace to promote reuse and stimulate industrial symbiosis
  • Mobile exhibition on best practices in the circular economy of the Danube region: The exhibition will be travelling across four countries in the Danube region (Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia).

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)