Made in Danube Transnational Cooperation to transform knowledge into marketable products and services for the Danubian sustainable society of tomorrow

Innovation e-tool

During its implementation, the Made in Danube project foresees a further development of the so-called DTIC (Danube Transnational Innovation Cooperation) e-tool . The DTIC e-tool is a specialized online platform that can be used by actors operating in bio-economy in the Danube Region, interested in converting research and innovation into applicable and market successful solutions. The instrument is available to any interested potential user by going to the address where they can create an account and start exploring its functions, on an individual scale or as a group of potentially related organizations, such as the LAPs.

Among the most important features of the platform, the users will be able to present their knowledge offer and search for requests that match their interests and capabilities. They will be able to establish partnerships online and initiate direct collaboration or common involvement in project consortia. Innovation Audit as well as Technology Offers / Request tools are available on project partner "SC IPA" webpage but will soon be directly integrated into the platform. Also, within the platform there will be available instruments to help strengthen cooperation within the Local Action Plans, such as audio conferencing and project monitoring.

For a better connection to the developments in the field of bio-economy, the platform has a specialized section with information about the project, the LAPs, the specific tools developed by the Made in Danube project as well as a promotion and dissemination outlet. Also, the DTIC is connected to relevant European data streams that provide useful news with applicability in their own settings. With continuous update and consistent use, the platform will offer the user organizations a quick and effective connection to a network of partners and knowledge that could help them be more competitive and achieve their missions better and have more impact.

In that way, the e-tool can have a significant impact upon the level and quality of transnational collaboration in innovation, research and technology transfer in the Danube Region and serve as a good practice model in other EU regions.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)