Made in Danube Transnational Cooperation to transform knowledge into marketable products and services for the Danubian sustainable society of tomorrow

The rising population and associated demand for renewable biological resources make Bioeconomy a key element for smart and green growth in Europe and the Danube Region. Successful development of innovative services and new products in this field highly depend on an efficient collaboration between research organizations and regional companies.

For this reason Made in Danube will try to improve the conditions for this cooperation by developing open innovation tools which will match the needs of companies with the expertise of research organizations; By integrating three existing regional initiatives:

   1.Smart and innovative precision farming                   (Nitra, Slovakia)

    2.Competence Center in Wood Sector                            (Vukovar, Croatia)

    3. Biofuel (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Made in Danube will further implement the developed tools and build 15 sustainable bioeconomy-based innovation partnerships involving 40 regional companies. This way Made in Danube will not only contribute to the competitiveness of SMEs in the South-Eastern Danube Region but also generate significant change for the entire area by supporting regional Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Involving 15 project partners and 3 associated strategic partners from 10 Danube Region countries, Made in Danube will generate significant changes throughout the entire Danube Region in order to improve framework conditions for innovation and support the implementation of regional Smart Specialisation Strategies.

Transnational Cooperation to transform knowledge into marketable products and services for the Danubian sustainable society of tomorrow
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 1901275
ERDF Contribution: 1518248,75
IPA Contribution: 97835
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Improve framework conditions for innovation


As soon as the project achieves an output, it will be published in this section. Check the project webpage for more information
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Steinbeis Innovation gGmbH, Steinbeis-Europe-Center Lead partner Germany
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca ERDF partner Romania
ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation ERDF partner Austria
Pannon Business Network Association ERDF partner Hungary
SC IPA S.A, Business Incubator ERDF partner Romania
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Project News

  • Made in Danube - Registration Open for best practice workshop in Nitra - 30th Jan. 2018
    - 02-01-2018

      The Made in Danube Consortium is inviting you to join its  Social-, Service-, and Eco-innovations in Bio-economy: Best Practice Workshop on capacities and opportunities on 30th January 2018 in Nitra, Slovakia! Training...

  • Made in Danube - Report from Made in Danube Technology Transfer Training
    - 14-12-2017

    Report “Technology Transfer Training” Craiova, 28.11.2017 The objective of the training in Craiova, Romania was to train the participants how to deal with the issues in bridging the gap between research, innovation and business...

  • Made in Danube - Report from Transnational Partnership Training in Budapest
    - 14-12-2017

    Report “Transnational Partnership Training”   Budapest, 17.10.2017 The objective of the training held in Budapest on 17th October 2017 was to provide a quick and comprehensive overview about the benefits of the transnational...

  • Made in Danube - Successful dissemination during AURAM (“Austrian Universities’ Research Administrators and Managers”)
    - 14-12-2017

    AURAM (“Austrian Universities’ Research Administrators and Managers”), the network uniting the research support staff of 22 of Austria’s public universities arranged its annual meeting from 9 - 10 November 2017 at Made in Danube Partner premises...

  • Made in Danube - Project „Made in Danube“ contributes to the Bioeconomy policy in Slovakia
    - 28-11-2017

    The Bioeconomy Cluster (member of the Union of Slovak Clusters and active beneficiary of the Made in Danube project) has significantly contributed to the revision of the Action Plan of the Regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization in...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)