Linking Danube Linking transnational, multimodal traveller information and journey planners for environmentally-friendly mobility in the Danube Region


The volume of traffic in Europe is increasing and personal mobility is becoming increasingly important in people's lives. But public transport infrastructure is not growing at the same rate. So how can we prevent travellers from increasingly using cars again in the future and bottlenecks in public transport? By exploiting the potential of the existing mobility offer through easy access to cross-border, multimodal travel information. "Linking of services" makes this possible. This not only enables seamless travel chains, but also strengthens the individual local systems. 

But how?

"Linking of services" can be used to link isolated systems across operators and borders. The project developed a distributed travel planning pilot service, the "Danube Region Journey Planner", in a transnational semi-operative environment and thus demonstrates the feasibility and suitability of "Linking of Services" with regard to clearly defined use cases. Learn more about the achievements in the LinkingDanube Video.




Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)