Iron-Age-Danube Monumentalized Early Iron Age Landscapes in the Danube river basin

  • Iron-Age-Danube - CALL FOR PAPERS: "Guardians of the contexts" – towards (more) responsible use of the European archaeological resources
    - 07-02-2018

    Please join our International conference on the legislation, strategies and principles for the inclusion of the amateur archaeologists & metal detectorists into the scientific research and heritage protection schemes, and consolidation of the...

    - 01-02-2018

    Please join our session #749 about the protection and promotion of archaeological landscapes at the 24th annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) in Barcelona, Spain, 5 - 8 September 2018! This will be the largest...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Extending the limits: from site to landscape in the Early Iron Age
    - 21-11-2017

    On the 29th of November 2017 a conference about "Extending the limits: from site to landscape in the Early Iron Age" will take place at the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities, Institute of Archaeological Sciences, Library (H‐1088...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Archaeology Camp Croatia 2017
    - 19-09-2017

    The 6th of September marked the start of the Archaeology Camp Croatia 2017. Take a look at their varied and exciting program and feel invited to be an active part of the Archaeology Camp Croatia 2017.

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Opening ceremony of the Iron-Age-Danube Archaeological-Camps Croatia
    - 08-08-2017

    On the 6th of September 2017 at 7pm the Opening ceremony of the Iron-Age-Danube Archaeological-Camps Croatia will start at the Town Museum of Varaždin, Herzer Palace, Franjevački trg 10. The opening ceremony of the Iron Age Danube project...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Lecture about "Geophysical prospection" by Branko Mušič.
    - 14-05-2017

    Our project partner 1 - University of Graz - is inviting to a lecture about "Geophysical prospection in complex archaeological and environmental setting". Branko Mušič will hold this lecture on the 18th of May at 18.45pm at the University of...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Iron-Age-Danube project presentation in Općina Kaptol.
    - 14-05-2017

    On the 17th of May at 11 am our Iron-Age-Danube project partners are presenting our project in Općina Kaptol (Školska street 3, Kaptol).

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Presentation in Zagreb 28 february 2017
    - 24-02-2017

    Presentation in Zagreb 28 february 2017

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Twitter and Instagram: IronAgeDanube
    - 22-02-2017

    You can now also follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

  • Iron-Age-Danube - IRON-AGE-DANUBE project presentation in Zagreb.
    - 16-02-2017

        When? 28th of February 2017 at 12pm Where? ARHEOLOŠKI MUZEJ U ZAGREBU - Trg Nikole Šubića Zrinskog 19, HR-10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska What? Presentation of the EU-project Iron Age Danube.

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Facebook: IronAgeDanube
    - 14-02-2017

    Our new Facebook-site is online now. Please visit us there.  

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Information on the Kick-Off-Event on the EU-project "IRON AGE DANUBE"
    - 14-02-2017

    The public Kick-Off-event of the Iron-Age-Danube-project took place on the 31st of January at Styrian Archaeology Museum in Palace Eggenberg in Graz. It was accompanied by the first meeting of all project partners and a small excursion to...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - General project information on the EU-Project: IRON-AGE-DANUBE
    - 14-02-2017

    The Hallstatt culture extended from 800 till 450 before Christ from the northeast of France to the northwest of the Balkan Peninsula. Today it is put in context with the appearance of innovative technologies, social upheavals and commercial...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Kick off - Iron-Age-Danube (31.01.2017-02.02.2017)
    - 17-01-2017

    Partners of the project „Monumentalized Early Iron Age Landscapes in the Danube river basin“ (Iron-Age-Danube) are inviting to the Kick-off event. Where: Archaeology Museum, Castle Eggenberg, Eggenberger Allee 90, Graz, Austria. When:...

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