Iron-Age-Danube Monumentalized Early Iron Age Landscapes in the Danube river basin

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  • Iron-Age-Danube - Project Presentation-Zagreb
    - 24-02-2017

      Project Presentation - Zagreb     If you want to know more about...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Newsletter 1
    - 30-03-2017

     “Iron-Age-Danube” Team presentation - Lead Partner Universalmuseum Joanneum Who we are…: from left to right: Patricia Raggam, Daniel Modl, Anja Hellmuth Kramberger, Angelika Schweiger, Marko Mele, Karl Peitler credits@UMJ With...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Archöologie-Camp Austria 2017
    - 15-05-2017

      Archäologie-Camp Austria 2017 May, 31 2017   THE OFFICIAL OPENING with representatives of the City of Judenburg,Major H. Dolleschal, the...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Invitation June 20.-21.2017
    - 09-06-2017

              INvitation - Closing Event of     Archaeology - Camp Austria 2017          ...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - CROATIA Archaeological Camps 2017
    - 13-07-2017

           Coming Soon - Archaeological Camps Croatia...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Invitation Opening Ceremony Croatia
    - 31-08-2017
  • Iron-Age-Danube - EYCH
    - 18-01-2018

      Iron-Age-Danube Project rewarded     2018 will be the European...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - NEWSLETTER 2
    - 02-03-2018

        ReVIEW and PREVIEW The beginning of the international research and promotion Camp Slovenia 2018 is coming closer day by day. That is why we wanted to...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - NEWSLETTER 3
    - 29-03-2018

      Iron-Age-Danube International Research and Promotion Camp Slovenia...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - NEWSLETTER 4
    - 16-04-2018

      "Guardians of the contexts” Towards a (more) responsible use of European archaeological resources International conference 6th April 2018 Narodni...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - NEWSLETTER 5
    - 15-05-2018

        TIPS for TRIPS As the weather gets warmer many people look for inspirations where to go for the weekend,we have some unusual ideas. Großklein /...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Newsletter 6
    - 22-06-2018

      Closing Event of the ArchaeoloGical Camp Slovenia...

  • Iron-Age-Danube - Newsletter 7
    - 24-08-2018

      Upcoming Main Events September...

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