GRENDEL Green and efficient Danube Fleet

Project dissemination


GRENDEL Project poster


To ensure the proper visibility of the GRENDEL project, the consortium prepared the project poster.


The title of the project Green and efficient Danube Fleet paved the directions for colours of the poster. Not only this, but the project partners voted primarily for it.


The project poster is here for DOWNLOAD.


GRENDEL Project Factsheet (FEB 2020)


The GRENDEL project factsheet provides the basic information about project objectives, its rationale, structure, outcomes, budget as well as the consortium which will execute the defined activities over 30 months.


The project factsheet is here for DOWNLOAD.




The aim of the GRENDEL brochure is to provide basic information to the interested public on the main objectives, partners and strategies of the project. The brochure plays a vital role in the effective implementation of the communication activities and the dissemination process of the project.


The project brochure is here for DOWNLOAD.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)