FORESDA Forest-based Cross-sectoral Value Chains Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness in the Danube Region

A blablablabla...
You probably mean: OK, another project that is no doubt good, but to read about... ooooh, soooo booooooring. 

Therefore, here is what FORESDA is about in one simple sentence: FORESDA wants to show that it is possible to transform the forest-based industries (FBI) into attractive and sustainable industry sectors.

And how is this possible?
By developing innovative products and services that come as a result of the cooperation with another economy sectors, such as agriculture, construction, pharmaceutics, etc. This is the so-called cross-sectoral approach.

What is needed to achieve this goal?
FBIs need support for improving the innovation culture of their SMEs and this also means to strengthen collaboration among companies, faculties, and universities, research institutions, clusters etc. All those organizations and individuals who are dealing with innovations in one concrete region are part of the so-called regional innovation system.

Why are we actually doing this?
Forests are one of the greatest treasure of the mankind. By finding ways on how to use this resource more efficiently, we contribute to the meeting of "the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs", as famously phrased by the Brundtland Commission in 1987. This is the so-called sustainable development.

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Forest-based Cross-sectoral Value Chains Fostering Innovation and Competitiveness in the Danube Region
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2128319,38
ERDF Contribution: 1506935,36
IPA Contribution: 302136,06
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Improve framework conditions for innovation

Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
CyberForum e.V. Lead partner Germany
Regional Economic Development Agency of Northern Black Forest ERDF partner Germany
inno AG ERDF partner Germany
Wood Industry Cluster ERDF partner Slovenia
Slovenian Forestry Institute ERDF partner Slovenia
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Project News

  • FORESDA - Conference on Innovations and Cross-sectoral Collaboration in Opatija
    - 29-04-2019

    A conference "Wood and Innovation" will be organized in Opatija on 4th of June. The focus of the conference are innovations which result from the collaboration of forest-based industries with other industries. The main objectives are: To...

  • FORESDA - FORESDA Consortium in Sofia
    - 26-04-2019

    FORESDA project members organized a meeting in Sofia at the end of March. The focus of the meeting was on the joint innovation agenda, one of the most interesting but also one of the most challenging project activities. Namely, this project...

  • FORESDA - Only 2 more days to register for the central gathering of Serbian wood processing industry and forestry
    - 09-04-2019

    The 4th conference Wood processing industry and forestry of Serbia will be organized in the City of Kragujevac on 12th and 13th of April. The main aim is to involve as many as SME representatives as possible in order to find the most acceptable...

  • FORESDA - Danube and Mediterranean will make the difference!
    - 08-02-2019

    The capitalization among Interreg Danube projects is interesting, but the capitalization among Interreg Danube and Mediterranean even more! Last week Croatian Wood Cluster was invited to participate in the GREENOMED project meeting in Lyon to...

  • FORESDA - Bikey goes digital!
    - 28-11-2018

    As a responsible partner in the FORESDA project, BFC is working on a pilot project called Bikey. It`s a designer transformable wooden bicycle for kids. The concept of the pilot is to use re-manufacturing materials for the construction and...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)