Finance4SocialChange Leveraging Finance 4 positive Social Change


  • AIR MOOC: Accelerating Investment Readiness - Joining Impact Investing & Social Entrepreneurship LEarn more about Finance4Socialchange online learning platform. If you want to make a change in the world with your business activites, make a social impact this course is for you. 

  • Finance4SocialChange: Increase competences for business and social innovation Our teaser video is out. Learn more from our experts what the project activities are aiming at. 

  •  Accelerating Investment Readiness (AIR): Social Enterprise & Impact Investing - Center for Social Investment, the University of Heidelberg- Volker Then, executive director, Gorgi Krlev and Asad Ayub explain what can entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers learn from Blended Learning Academy which will be held within Finance4SocialChange Project.
  •   Why do we need social enterprises?  What is the difference between social enterprises and enterprises? Why do we need social enterprises? Can we measure social impact? Find out more in the new video released by our partners from University of Heidelberg ( 2 out of 5)
  •  "How can SocialEntrepreneurs increase their skills?"   Professor Karin Kreutzer from EBS University, Dr. Belinda Bell from the University of Cambridge and Iznaur Khazuev from the Center for Network Initiatives Support speak about:  How can prize competitions help Social Enterprises thrive? - How do Social Entrepreneurs best present their venture? - What is needed to support Social Enterprise ecosystems in a targeted way? A “Finance 4 Social Change” video for the upcoming MOOC “Accelerating Investment Readiness (AIR)” addressing social entrepreneurs, impact investors & policymakers working in the dynamic field of social investment.  #F4SC #EUinterreg
  •  The many faces of impact investing 
  • How are Impact investing Ecosystems Evolving Our project Finance4SocialChange works towards creating a sustainable environment for the development of a social economy. What does the EU do to support Impact Investing? Can Social Finance meet social needs, is the Impact Investing market working? Professor Mario Calderini (Politecnico di Milano), Karl Richter (EngagedX) and Filippo Munisteri (European Commission) debate in our new video for the upcoming MOOC “Accelerating Investment Readiness (AIR)” addressing social entrepreneurs, impact investors & policy makers working in the dynamic field of social investment.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)