Excellence-in-ReSTI Excellence in research, social and technological innovation project management

Project summary:

In the digital era, creation of social and technological innovation is of paramount importance. The Danube Region does not lag behind the rest of Europe when it comes to ideas and initiatives within the Research, Social and Technological Innovation (ReSTI) field. Still, specific managerial skills necessary for development of ReSTI projects and their implementation are on inadequate level and need to be improved in future.

The aim of this project is to remove gaps in knowledge and skills in managing social and technological innovation projects. The general goal is to create an environment in which interested stakeholders can find easy-to-use checklists, learning modules and advice with a specifically tailored content regarding the management of ReSTI projects. The final output of the project is to establish an innovative learning system aimed at increasing employability and quality of ReSTI projects.

In order to achieve the main goals of the project, 12 partners from 9 countries created a consortium, led by ZSI from Austria. Project activities are organized in such a way that expertise, experience and contacts of the partners in the ReSTI field play the key role. Each activity set is focused on different strategic aspect and led by the most experienced partner in the field. Project activities encompass building-up networks, identifying gaps and opportunities, developing policy recommendations, creating national and regional roadmaps and strategy, developing guidelines, curricula and learning systems, all aimed at supporting ReSTI projects in the Danube Region.

The main project activity sets are the following:

  • Development and implementation of learning modules
  • Establishment and implementation of the helpdesk
  • Creation of the regional roadmaps and strategy
  • Increasing employability of young graduates as ReSTI project managers

The main outcome is to develop sustainable learning system, i.e. on-line learning modules devoted to spreading excellence in ReSTI management, leadership and administration. Learning modules will provide students with materials and tools in a logical, sequential order necessary for developing certain knowledge and skills (text, files, web links, discussion topics, tests and quizzes, as well as final assessments).

The project is primarily oriented towards young ReSTI project managers, as well as administrators in public and private organizations engaged in ReSTI projects, within the Danube Region. Additionally, available know-how within partner institutions regarding ReSTI project management is to be shared with the civil society and small businesses, as well as young graduates as first-time applicants to transnational and multicultural projects.

Development of learning modules, roadmaps and strategy, as well as the helpdesk is to benefit the wider community within the Danube region. Hence, project stakeholders include education and training centres, as well as higher education institutions who will benefit from the learning modules. Public authorities, other decision makers and NGOs can find great importance in development of regional roadmaps and strategy in order to successfully direct public policy decisions in this area. Sustainability of the project is guaranteed since the developed learning modules are to be built into existing curricula after the project ends in July 2019.


Excellence in research, social and technological innovation project management
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 1910711,19
ERDF Contribution: 1423633,69
IPA Contribution: 200470,8
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Increase competences for business and social innovation


Filename Date of upload
Helpdesk & Support 01-06-2017 11:21:42
Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer 01-06-2017 10:58:12
Network and Roadmap 01-06-2017 10:55:08
Dissemination and Communication Plan 01-06-2017 10:49:00
Presentation and Discussion of WP 5 – FHB 01-06-2017 10:44:41
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Centre for Social Innovation Lead partner szudi@zsi.at Austria
University of Applied Sciences Burgenland ERDF partner irena.zavrl@fh-burgenland.at Austria
Applied Research and Communications Fund ERDF partner zoya.damianova@online.bg Bulgaria
Social Innovation Lab ERDF partner karzenandkarzen@gmail.com Croatia
University of Ljubljana ERDF partner irena.brinar@fdv.uni-lj.si Slovenia
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Project News

    - 08-11-2017

    The aim of Excellence-in-ReSTI project is to improve knowledge and skills in managing research, social and technological innovation projects. The main project tool to achieve this aim will be a transnational e-learning curriculum, which will be...

  • Excellence-in-ReSTI - Project partners agreed on using Kolb’s four learning phases and “Five door” approach
    - 29-10-2017

    FHB prepared the ReSTI Approach to Learning based on the four Kolb Learning Phases (including thinking, observing, relating, and doing) to offer flexible ways of learning. In order for participants to choose the learning style that works best for...

  • Excellence-in-ReSTI - The first Curriculum draft already developed
    - 26-10-2017

    The ReSTI Curriculum was collaboratively developed between ZSI, CUNI, and the FHB, and officially agreed upon during our Sophia Meeting in September 2017. There will be 5 modules, each composed of 3 to 5 courses for a total of about 20 courses....

  • Excellence-in-ReSTI - The second ​Project Management and Steering Committee Meeting​ held in Sofia, Bulgaria
    - 24-10-2017

    Excellence-In-ReSTI partners convened for their Project Management and Steering Committee Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria, hosted by partner ARC Fund. After an intense summer, partners discussed their past Excellence-In-ReSTI experience, and reviewed...

  • Excellence-in-ReSTI - Business project success - Benefit Realization
    - 14-09-2017

    The 8th Project management in practice conference, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on February 14 2017 in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel The conference focused on the business performance of projects which is mostly shown through the synergies between...

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