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  • EDU-LAB - Golden age of education for the age of gold in business
    - 15-12-2017
    Golden age of education for the age of gold in business

    "Golden age of education for the age of gold in business", Ms Gabrijela Grujić, the Assistant Minister for Strategic Planning, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development in Serbia opened with these words the 2nd Steering...

  • EDU-LAB - Experiences as an IVY Volunteer for EDU-LAB
    - 15-12-2017

    Alina Felder, the IVY Volunteer engaged within EDU-LAB has been asked to shortly report on the experiences she has made as an IVY volunteer so far. The above picture is part of the testimonial that resulted and has been published together...

  • EDU-LAB - Capitalization activities at DTP-EUSDR Annual Conference 2017
    - 26-10-2017

    DTP-EUSDR Annual Forum Several EDU-LAB stakeholders participated in the 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) from 18th-19th October in Budapest. This years forum was a joint conference of the EUSDR and the...

  • EDU-LAB - Stakeholder Seminar and Workshop in Maribor
    - 05-10-2017

     Developing a new governance model On September 14-15 2017, University of Maribor was hosting the first Stakeholder Seminar and Workshop within the latest Work Package of the EDU-LAB project aiming at the development of a new governance model...

  • EDU-LAB - A message from Prof. Schuster
    - 11-09-2017

    In this short video Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster, chairman of the European Foundation for Education and initiator of the EDU-LAB project, explains what the EDU-LAB project is about, his personal motivation for initiating it and how digital media...

  • EDU-LAB - Our first European Solidarity Corps volunteer!
    - 20-07-2017

    We are very glad to welcome our first volunteer for the EDU-LAB project, Theodoros Plessas from Athens, Greece. Theodoros was recruited through the Association of European Border Region’s (AEBR) Interreg Volunteer Youth program, which in...

  • EDU-LAB - EDU-LAB to host an IVY Volunteer
    - 13-06-2017

    EDU-LAB has joined the "Interreg Volunteer Youth" Programme. We are currently reviewing the candidates and are looking forward to welcoming one of them at the premises of the Lead Partner, the European Foundation for Education in...

  • EDU-LAB - EDU-LAB applies for #Regiostars Awards 2017
    - 10-04-2017

    Edu-lab submitted an application for the #Regiostars Awards 2017, category "Education and training"! The award ceremony will take place in October, during the 2017 European Week of Regions and Cities. Fingers crossed... More information here:...

    - 24-03-2017

    The 1st Steering Committee Meeting of the EDU-LAB Project has taken place on the 14th of March 2017 at the Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart. The Committee Member identified existing synergies, defined issues to address and...

    - 24-03-2017

      The Kick-off event of the project EDU-LAB has taken place on 14th of March at the Neues Schloss in Stuttgart. The legal representatives of more than 20 project partners from 10 countries have signed the document „Our commitment to...

  • EDU-LAB - Kick-off Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, on March 14, 2017
    - 28-02-2017

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