DRIM Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants

After undergoing profound political transformations, the Danube region is now facing diverse demographic, labour market and migration challenges, yet lacks the appropriate multi-level governance support structures, especially in the field of migrants' economic integration. With the goal of achieving cohesion and economic development in the Danube region, DRIM's objective is to enhance the capacity of public institutions for promoting migrants’ economic integration, understood as fair access to employment, work and skills enhancement. The main result of DRIM – the improved capacity of public institutions to respond to the needs of newly arrived as well as resident migrants through effective information sharing – will be a corner stone of an information infrastructure that will facilitate economic integration in the Danube region. DRIM will achieve this goal through the following activities and outputs: a) conceptual framework for information sharing and the development of an info tool – DANUBE COMPASS; b) info tool testing (pilot action); c) learning interactions and evaluations to mainstream and disseminate DANUBE COMPASS; d) a strategy that promotes and mainstreams information sharing as a necessary step for migrants' access to employment. The outputs, especially DANUBE COMPASS, are an innovative attempt to respond to the transnational challenges with a transnational approach instead of national information infrastructures. The expected short-term impact is a better response of main target groups (local and national authorities) in supporting migrants' economic integration as well as migrants' – the secondary target group – easier access to employment and renewed trust in public authorities. The long-term change is expected to be the construction of an effective information infrastructure for migrants throughout the Danube region, with corresponding improved capacities of public institutions ensuring smoother integration and through that social change.

Danube Region Information Platform for Economic Integration of Migrants
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End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 1522169,3
ERDF Contribution: 1207660,69
IPA Contribution: 86183,2
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Well-governed Danube region
Specific objective
Improve institutional capacities to tackle major societal challenges

Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts Lead partner martina.bofulin@zrc-sazu.si SLOVENIA
Caritas Academy of Diocese Graz-Seckau ERDF partner Anton.fink@caritas-steiermark.at AUSTRIA
SPF Group, Ltd. ERDF partner miskovsky@spfgroup.org CZECH REPUBLIC
GS gain&sustain OG ERDF partner m.linzer@gainandsustain.eu AUSTRIA
Employment Service of Slovenia ERDF partner Robert.Modrijan@ess.gov.si SLOVENIA
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Project News

  • DRIM - The power of simple English or how to transform public services
    - 15-03-2019
    The power of simple English or how to transform public services

    How many times you've read a piece of information online or in a brochure that was vital for your live, job or school but did not know what exactly it meant? If the formal, rigid and too complex sentences are tough for native speakers, think what...

  • DRIM - Promotion of DRIM and DTP at INTERACT's Migration and Integration conference
    - 14-03-2019
    Promotion of DRIM and DTP at INTERACT's Migration and Integration conference

    DRIM was one of the three projects invited to the conference Migration and Inclusion in the European Union jointly organized by INTERACT’s (EU’s programme for promotion of Territorial Cooperation and Interreg programmes) and University of...

  • DRIM - Book "Globe in Motion: Patterns of International Migration" published!
    - 05-03-2019
    Book "Globe in Motion: Patterns of International Migration" published!

    On January 24, 2019 YUCOM, one of the DRIM project partners organized promotion of the edited volume Globe in Motion, Patterns of International Migration: Similarities and Differences, edited by B. Divinsky and T. Zachar Podolinska and published...

  • DRIM - Transnational Workshop in Belgrade
    - 05-03-2019
    Transnational Workshop in Belgrade

    On January 24, 2019 YUCOM, one of the DRIM project partners, organized DRIM project meeting and DRIM Transnational Workshop in Belgrade. DRIM Transnational Workshop took place at the Hotel Moskva in Belgrade, a beautiful historical venue....

  • DRIM - The Dream Came True: DC Launch, Training and Workshop in Hungary
    - 14-01-2019

    The Hungarian events highlighted the main characteristics effecting the potential efficiency of Danube Compass. The number of migrants arrived to Hungary in the past five years has increased significantly. At the same time experts experience...

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