DriDanube Drought Risk in the Danube Region

  • DriDanube - Heat and drought in the summer 2019 in the Danube region
    - 08-08-2019
    Heat and drought in the summer 2019 in the Danube region

    After a very cold and rainy May, a period of unusually hot weather affected southwestern to central Europe. New all-time high-temperature records were set in Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany - making it the hottest June on record in...

  • DriDanube - DriDanube project's final video
    - 08-08-2019
    DriDanube project's final video

    One of the main achievements of the DriDanube project is the increased awareness about drought as a larger phenomenon that goes beyond the national level and about the possibility to detect it already in its early stages before it grows to an...

  • DriDanube - DriDanube Drought Strategy
    - 18-06-2019
    DriDanube Drought Strategy

    „Drought management starts already at the stage when there are no signs of drought at all and we may think sufficient water conditions are going to last. However, they will come to an end eventually so it is already during that time when we need...

  • DriDanube - Danube Drought Conference - outcomes
    - 17-06-2019
    Danube Drought Conference - outcomes

    Drought resilience in the Danube region - accelerating the momentum Focusing on the challenges and joint cooperation in the area of drought management in the Danube region, DriDanube project organized its Final conference on 7-8 May 2019 in...

  • DriDanube - Combatting Drought
    - 17-06-2019

    Today we remind ourselves the 25th anniversary of the Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) and the World Day to Combat Desertification in 2019 (WDCD). Based on the concern that “desertification and drought are problems of global...

  • DriDanube - Repository of drought event impacts across the Danube catchment
    - 11-06-2019
    Repository of drought event impacts across the Danube catchment

    A brief summary of an article to be published in Acta Mendelianaea Journal (summer 2019 issue) Since climate change will exasperate the effects of droughts and affect national economies more intensely in many regions of the world, including...

  • DriDanube - Vegetation season 2019 and drought
    - 03-05-2019

    Beginning of the vegetation season 2019 has been marked with the signals of drought appearing throughout the Danube region. The spring and the growing season started earlier than in 2018 and subsequent slowdown in vegetation development in areas...

  • DriDanube - Drought Watch
    - 02-05-2019
    Drought Watch

    When dealing with drought we first need to understand in which stage we are and what to do during that particular stage. Being aware of what is going on „here and now“ is a key to our actions. Furthermore, detecting drought in its early stage...

  • DriDanube - Danube Drought Conference - press release
    - 30-04-2019

    Drought Risk in the Danube Region (DriDanube) project, the Drought Management Center for Southeastern Europe (DMCSEE) and the Integrated Drought Management Programme in Central and Eastern Europe (IDMP CEE) are organizing: Danube Drought...

  • DriDanube - Danube Drought Conference - last seats
    - 24-04-2019

    DriDanube project together with the Drought Management Center for Southeastern Europe and the Integrated Drought Management Programme in Central and Eastern Europe are organizing: Danube Drought Conference 7-8 May 2019 at TUtheSky;...

  • DriDanube - Danube Drought Risk Assessment
    - 08-04-2019
    Danube Drought Risk Assessment

    Droughts and their impacts are occurring with increasing frequency and magnitude across the Danube region. Their costs are underestimated, particularly in countries where assessment capacities and drought management systems are the weakest. The...

  • DriDanube - National drought seminars
    - 20-03-2019

    DriDanube partners are organizing a series of national drought seminars these days in all 10 partnering countries. The seminars are the concluding point of a very active cooperation with national stakeholders within 2 years of the project...

  • DriDanube - Danube Drought Conference – save the date
    - 13-02-2019
    Danube Drought Conference – save the date

    DriDanube project is moving towards its end in June 2019 and we are delighted to announce that the project’s Final conference “Danube Drought Conference” will take place on 7-8 May 2019 in Vienna. To emphasize the importance of cooperation in...

  • DriDanube - How to continue in our efforts for drought resilience in the Danube region?
    - 31-01-2019

    DriDanube partners have met on 24-25th January 2019 in Brno for the 5th project meeting The purpose of the additional 5th project meeting was to discuss the possibilities of sustaining the DriDanube drought impact reporting networks and the...

  • DriDanube - Drought 2018 – hitting hard the Northern and Central Europe but affecting also the Danube river basin
    - 28-11-2018

    Summary of the Drought Watch Campaign DriDanube partners are developing a new transboudary drought monitoring and early warning tool called Drought Watch (before referred to as Drought User Service - DUS). This tool will combine data from the...

  • DriDanube - Transferring knowledge from region to country level, from partnership to target groups
    - 08-11-2018
    Transferring knowledge from region to country level, from partnership to target groups

    National trainings on usage of Drought Watch and impact & risk assessment methodologies DriDanube aims to improve drought monitoring and early warning in the Danube region with a newly developed innovative service Drought Watch (previously...

  • DriDanube - DriDanube in global Disater Risk Reduction agenda
    - 05-11-2018

    On 9 October 2018, DriDanube team participated at the consultations of the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP) jointly organized with the 4th DriDanube project meeting in Bucharest and contributed to formulation of...

  • DriDanube - Path to project sustainability – regional training on drought risk and impact assesment
    - 02-11-2018

    DriDanube project partners met on 10 - 12 October 2018 in Bucharest for the 4th project meeting. The project leader, Ms. Andreja Susnik (Slovenian Environment Agency), has opened the meeting with a very relevant message to project’s goal and...

  • DriDanube - Drought 2018 Watch campaign
    - 21-06-2018
    Drought 2018 Watch campaign

    On the occasion of 2018 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, let’s remind ourselves to BE PREPARED, KNOW THE RISKS & TAKE ACTION to combat drought. “Land has true value – invest in it” is this year’s slogan. Climate change is...

  • DriDanube - National reporting networks
    - 28-05-2018
    National reporting networks

    After a round of national briefing seminars, DriDanube partners are currently busy with further involvement of national stakeholders in development of the project outputs that will serve their future needs. One of the most practical outputs...

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