DANUrB+ DANube Urban Brand + Building Regional and Local Resilience through the Valorization of Danube’s Cultural Heritage

DANUrB+ aims to reactivate underused cultural heritage and resources in shrinking settlements of Danube river’s peripheral and border regions, to create new possibilities to make its towns and regions attractive again.

We build on the work of DTP1-249-2.2 DANUrB, where the basis of a Cultural Promenade were laid down with a consistent Strategy, a functional Platform based on a wide Cultural Network, helped by thematic Tours. Such DANUrB tools were found to be most useful in peripheral and border regions, where the decaying socio-economic situation can only rely for development on the special resources of the Danube.

DANURB+ creates a dense network of stakeholders and projects along the Danube implementing EUSDR actions in the peripheral and border regions along the river which can count only on the potentials of the Danube to stop socio-economic shrinkage. The main objective is the capacity building for local stakeholders in order to enable them to cooperate locally and interregionally for the valorization of their Danube related heritage with local actions under a unified brand strong enough to increase local prosperity and international tourist attractiveness.

DANUrB+ contributes to SO 2.2 by fostering resilient use of cultural heritage and resources in the shrinking communities along the river Danube. 

The project consists of 4 horizontal thematic flows across 4 vertical WPs: Research, Planning tools, Education and Actions. Thematic flows are:

  • Interregional network as a possibility
  • Shrinking cities as a challenge
  • Locals and their cooperation as a development asset
  • Heritage as a tool 

In this matrix of work the goals of DANUrB+ become clear and easy to follow. The novelty of DANUrB+ is to bring down to earth strategical goals to real stakeholders with action plans and actions usable in peripheric situations patallely in all sections of the Danube, and to brand these initiatives in inclusive and effective ways.

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DANube Urban Brand + Building Regional and Local Resilience through the Valorization of Danube’s Cultural Heritage
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2707750
ERDF Contribution: 2047735
IPA Contribution: 253852.5
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 3
Environment and culture responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Foster sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage and resources


As soon as the project achieves an output, it will be published in this section. Check the project webpage for more information
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Budapest University of Technology and Economics Lead partner gergely.zsolt@urb.bme.hu Hungary
GPS City Guide Kft (PocketGuide) ERDF partner martin@pocketguideapp.com Hungary
National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism ERDF partner curea@incdt.ro Romania
Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre ERDF partner eszter.davida@kek.org.hu Hungary
Pest County Municipality ERDF partner HantosZ@pestmegye.hu Hungary
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Project News

  • DANUrB+ - Christmas Day and Christmas in Đerdap area in Serbia
    - 23-12-2020
    Christmas Day and Christmas in Đerdap area in Serbia

    During the Christmas Day, younger children usually go from house door to house door and people give them presents (candies, nuts, fruits, money ...). The population of this area calls them "koljindeci" or “koledari”. According to the older...

  • DANUrB+ - Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria (Vidin)
    - 23-12-2020
    Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria (Vidin)

    In Bulgaria, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. Carol singers leave early in the morning to go round the houses as they sing songs and call for health, fertility, and prosperity. Back in time and nowadays, in the region of Vidin, the...

  • DANUrB+ - Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria (village of Milkovitsa)
    - 23-12-2020
    Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria (village of Milkovitsa)

    Soon after Christmas midnight young men, soon married or single, come walking the streets of Milkovitsa, singing. Thus, begins the annual ancient caroling custom. Local women passionately collect and preserve local traditions. About 7 km from...

  • DANUrB+ - Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria (Northeastern Bulgaria)
    - 23-12-2020
    Christmas Traditions in Bulgaria (Northeastern Bulgaria)

    In addition to the timeless traditions on Christmas Eve (the night before Christmas) to serve an odd number of only lean meals, Carolers singing their traditional songs all through the houses, perform the whole ritual of lighting and...

  • DANUrB+ - Customs and Traditions in Romania (Tulcea)
    - 23-12-2020
    Customs and Traditions in Romania (Tulcea)

    In Tulcea, Christmas is a lot more than just decorating the Christmas tree and offering gifts. This Christian holiday is filled with beautiful celebrations, traditions, and superstitions. On Christmas Eve, December 24th, groups of children...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)