DanuP-2-Gas DanuP-2-Gas: Innovative model to drive energy security and diversity in the Danube Region via combination of bioenergy with surplus renewable energy

The Danube Region holds huge potential for sustainable generation and storage of renewable energy. However, to date this region is highly dependent on energy imports, while energy efficiency, diversity and renewables share are low. In line with the EU climate targets for 2030 and the EUSDR PA2 goals DanuP-2-Gas will advance transnational energy planning by promoting generation and storage strategies for renewables in the Danube Region by coupling the electric power and gas sector. DanuP-2-Gas will bring together energy agencies, business actors, public authorities and research institutions via the Danube Energy Platform. Based on the platform developed during DTP project ENERGY BARGE it will incorporate all pre-existing tools and i.a. an Atlas, mapping prior unexamined available biomass and energy infrastructure. Further, a pre-feasibility study utilizing an optimization tool for efficient hub design will identify suitable locations for sectors coupling hubs and combination of two idle resources in the Danube region. Unused organic residue (e.g. straw) will be processed to biochar for easy transport along the Danube River and as basis for synthesis gas generation. Adding hydrogen produced from surplus renewable energy allows to upgrade this syngas to renewable natural gas. This will enable storage of surplus energy in the existing gas distribution grid increasing energy security and efficiency. All needed resources are available in the Danube region and the 10 partner countries. Thus, a transnational approach along the main transport route (Danube River) to share these resources is the key. The legal framework influencing the concept will be assessed on individual country level, leading to a transnational strategy with national roadmaps for simple implementation. Finally, impact of DanuP-2-Gas will be ensured via trainings on the developed tools and workshops elaborating future projects and business models with interested stakeholders.

DanuP-2-Gas: Innovative model to drive energy security and diversity in the Danube Region via combination of bioenergy with surplus renewable energy
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Budget in Euro
Overall: 2553726.85
ERDF Contribution: 2109336.02
IPA Contribution: 61331.75
ENI Contribution: 0
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Call 3
Better connected and energy responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Improve energy security and energy efficiency


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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Technology Centre Energy - University of Applied Sciences Landshut Lead partner Tim.bieringer@haw-landshut.de Germany
Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region ERDF partner niko.natek@kssena.velenje.eu Slovenia
Tolna County Development Agency Nonprofit Public Ltd. ERDF partner kiss.balazs@tolnamegye.hu Hungary
Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler University Linz ERDF partner tichler@energieinstitut-linz.at Austria
Black Sea Energy Research Centre ERDF partner angel@bserc.eu Bulgaria
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