DanuBioValNet Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region

The transition of a fossil-based to a bio-based industry addresses some of the main challenges identified in the Danube region. The dependency on fossil resources will be reduced and climate change targets be supported by reducing the GHG emissions. Furthermore the eco-innovations will support the regional development by diversifying the local economy and creating new employment opportunities. The development of new bio-based value chains from primary production to consumer markets needs to be done by connecting enterprises from different regions and industries. But due to a missing holistic transnational approach Danube actors in bio-based industry still operate disconnected and cannot properly benefit from the potential.
Therefore the aim of this project is to develop new methods and tools to connect enterprises transnationally.

Clusters as the representatives of many enterprises are chosen to organise the industry cooperations and creation of new value chains, because they are sustainable partners and guarantee the upgradeability in the dimension industry, sciences and politics.
One of the planned outputs of this project will be the development of a Joint Bio-based Industry Cluster Policy Strategy (JBCS). Furthermore a bundle of new methods and tools to support clusters for transnational working will be developed. They will be tested in three pilot actions where it is planned to create new bio-based value chains in the Danube region.
The main target groups are on one hand the policy - four Ministries are involved-, on the other hand clusters and their SMEs - nine cluster organisations involved. The policy level will benefit from the JBCS which can be used as a political framework.
The clusters and SMEs will benefit from the new innovative tools and methods developed for transnational cross-clustering. Successfully established new bio-based value chains in the pilot actions can motivate other clusters and SMEs to test this newly developed approach in the future.

Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region
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Overall: 2320844,8
ERDF Contribution: 1857124,54
IPA Contribution: 115593,54
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Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
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Improve framework conditions for innovation


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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
BIOPRO Baden-W├╝rttemberg GmbH Lead partner goettert@bio-pro.de Germany
ClusterAgentur Baden-Wuerttemberg ERDF partner mzk@clusteragentur-bw.de Germany
Anteja ECG ERDF partner mateja.dermastia@anteja-ecg.com Slovenia
PROUNION ERDF partner katarina.blicklingova@gmail.com Slovakia
Romanian Cluster Association ERDF partner contact@clustero.eu Romania
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Project News

  • DanuBioValNet - The 1 st Training on the Development of New Cluster Services
    - 02-03-2018

    Join us for the 1st Training on the Development of New Cluster Services, Sofia in connection with the TCI.   Over the last 15 years clusters have been proven to be main drivers of regional competitiveness based on innovation and...

  • DanuBioValNet - Phytopharma sector stakeholders in the Danube region extend networking activities
    - 13-12-2017

    On 5 December, almost 50 stakeholders from the phytopharmaceutical sector in the Danube region gathered in Stuttgart for Phytopharma Day. The event provided insights into the work of collectors and growers of medicinal plants in Germany, Poland...

  • DanuBioValNet - Bioeconomy one of priorities in Slovakia
    - 11-12-2017

    The Bioeconomy Cluster (recently benchmarked under DanuBioValNet project) has significantly contributed to the revision of the Action plan of the Regional Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization in Slovakia (RIS3). For the first time,...

  • DanuBioValNet - Two Slovak Clusters related to bioeconomy awarded by Bronze Label
    - 11-12-2017
    Two Slovak Clusters related to bioeconomy awarded by Bronze Label

    Two Slovak Clusters related to bioeconomy have been benchmarked by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis. The representatives of Bioeconomy Cluster and Hemp Cluster were interviewed on 4th October 2017 in Pecs, Hungary by Dr.-Ing....

  • DanuBioValNet - BBCEI - First clusters successfully benchmarked and labeled
    - 08-12-2017

    The BBCEI has been successfully launched in August. More than 25 Cluster Initiatives of the 8 DanuBioValNet partners’ regions have expressed their interest. Thus, it is the largest Cluster Benchmarking Initiative since 2011. Although the...

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