DanubeSediment Danube Sediment Management - Restoration of the Sediment Balance in the Danube River

The transport of sediments is a natural process in river systems. Over the past decades, human activities within the Danube and its tributaries have led to strong changes in the natural sediment load. These changes negatively influence important water management issues such as flood risk, inland navigation, ecology and hydropower production.

Aerial view of the River Danube surrounded by forest. On one river bank there is a large sediment deposit and on the other one can see a few houses of the town of Hainburg, Austria.

The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) has recognized a lack of sediment management in the Danube River Basin Management Plans of 2009 and 2015. However, since the Danube flows through ten countries from the Black forest to the Black Sea, the holistic management of sediment and water requires a basin-wide transnational approach.

To tackle this challenge, 14 partners from nine countries came together in the DanubeSediment project. Their goal is to improve water and sediment management as well as the morphology of the Danube River.

Closing knowledge gaps: The project team will begin with collecting sediment transport data in the Danube River and its main tributaries. This data provides the foundation for a Danube-wide sediment balance that will analyse the sinks, sources and redistribution of sediment and their impacts.

Strengthening governance: A main project result will be the first “Danube Sediment Management Guidance” (DSMG). This document will deliver key contributions to the 3rd Danube River Basin Management Plan and the 2nd Danube Flood Risk Management Plan. Both plans are developed by the ICPDR.

As main beneficiaries of DanubeSediment, stakeholders will regularly be involved in developing the project, e.g. through national and international workshops. A “Sediment Manual for Stakeholders” (SMS) will focus on target-group specific measures for improved sediment management in navigation, hydropower generation, flood risk management and river basin management.

Aerial photo of the Danube in Hungary

Photo credits: Philipp Gmeiner (top) and Keve Gabór (bottom)


Danube Sediment Management - Restoration of the Sediment Balance in the Danube River
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End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 3558581,62
ERDF Contribution: 2827421,16
IPA Contribution: 197373,19
ENI Contribution: 0
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Call 1
Environment and culture responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Strengthen transnational water management and flood risk prevention

Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Budapest University of Technology and Economics Lead partner keri.barbara@epito.bme.hu Hungary
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna ERDF partner helmut.habersack@boku.ac.at Austria
General Directorate of Water Management ERDF partner gombas.karoly@eduvizig.hu Hungary
National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management ERDF partner sorin.teodor@hidro.ro Romania
National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology ERDF partner Ninov.plamen@gmail.com Bulgaria
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Project News

  • DanubeSediment - Drivers and Pressures of Changes in the Sediment Regime
    - 24-04-2019
    Drivers and Pressures of Changes in the Sediment Regime

    DanubeSediment will not only determine the changes in the sediment regime of the Danube, but it also looks at the human activities that have caused these changes. The report on “Interactions of Key Drivers and Pressures on the Morphodynamics of...

  • DanubeSediment - from the sediment balance to innovative hydropower
    - 12-04-2019
    from the sediment balance to innovative hydropower

    Important decisions were taken during the last project meeting on 26 to 28 March 2019 in Munich. For example on the sediment balance: Since DanubeSediment only wants to publish solid results, the partners agreed to exclude values for certain...

  • DanubeSediment - Our first project video is online!
    - 08-03-2019
    Our first project video is online!

    Finally, here it is, our first DanubeSediment project video! Please share it and stay tuned, more videos will follow!

  • DanubeSediment - First Danube-wide analysis of sediment data
    - 13-02-2019
    First Danube-wide analysis of sediment data

    How much sediment does the Danube transport? How has the balance of sediment changed over time? These are some of the major questions that the DanubeSediment project partners seek to answer. As a precondition for calculating the sediment...

  • DanubeSediment - First Danube-wide collection of recommendations on sediment monitoring
    - 07-02-2019
    First Danube-wide collection of recommendations on sediment monitoring

    We are very happy to announce that we have finalised the first reports of the DanubeSediment project! You can find them on our website under this link. What are these reports all about? First, the DanubeSediment project seeks to analyse and...

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