DanubePeerChains Integrated capacity building and training programme for DANUBE area labour and business support organisations, local industry and entrepreneurs to enter innovative transnational value CHAINS as PEER-level collaboration partners

Filename Date of upload
Methodology value chains 28-01-2021 10:49:29
Support instruments 28-01-2021 10:49:08
Transnational kompetence map of knowledge 28-01-2021 10:48:47
Labour market characteristics 28-01-2021 10:48:25
Output Factsheet OT1.1 28-01-2021 10:48:05
Output Factsheet OT1.2 28-01-2021 10:47:47
Labour Benchmack 28-01-2021 10:47:17
Analysis of strategic documents 28-01-2021 10:46:49

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)