Danube GeoTour Valorisation of geo-heritage for sustainable and innovative tourism development of Danube Geoparks

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  • Danube GeoTour - Final event in Bakony-Balaton UNESCO Global Geopark
    - 19-12-2019

      Successful final event in Hungary on the 17th December...

  • Danube GeoTour - Journalist study tours successfully started
    - 06-11-2019

      Journalist study tour at the Styrian Eisenwurzen in...

  • Danube GeoTour - Final events in Austria and the Czech Republic
    - 29-06-2019

      Final Events in Austria and the Czech Republic   Fig 1:...

  • Danube GeoTour - 9th Newsletter - GeoMarketing in Hungary and Germany
    - 18-03-2019

      GeoMarketing at the ITB in Berlin - World's Largest Tourism...

  • Danube GeoTour - 8th Newsletter: Capitalisation of the Danube GeoTour
    - 19-12-2018

      International Capitalisation...

  • Danube GeoTour - 7th Newsletter: 4th project meeting in Iron Mountain Geopark, Czech Republic
    - 01-10-2018

      Successful meeting in the Czech Republic from 25th – 27th September...

  • Danube GeoTour - New project partner from the Czech Republic
    - 23-05-2018

      New Project Partner: Iron Mountains National...

  • Danube GeoTour - 5th Newsletter: 3rd project meeting in HATEG UNESCO Global Geopark, Romania
    - 17-02-2018

    Successful meeting in Romania from 12th – 15th February 2018 The Hateg UNESCO Global Geopark in Romania had the chance to welcome the Danube GeoTour project...

  • Danube GeoTour - 4th Newsletter - Danube Geoparks Film Shooting
    - 20-12-2017

          Lead Partner at the 6th EUSDR Annual...

  • Danube GeoTour - 3rd Newsletter: Successful 2nd SCOM Meeting and Communication activities
    - 26-09-2017

      Successful meeting of the Interreg Danube GeoTour Project -  in Austria from 20th – 23rd September...

  • Danube GeoTour - Newsletter 2: Visibility and first communication activities
    - 20-06-2017


  • Danube GeoTour - Newsletter Number One
    - 06-04-2017

      Enjoy our project logo     This logo is going to be used for the...

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