DA-SPACE Open Innovation to Raise Entrepreneurship Skills and Public Private Partnership in Danube Region

VOICT OI Lab - Serbia

The strongest industry sectors in Vojvodina are ICT and agrifood (with creative industries emerging rapidly), while strong collaboration between business organizations and academia exists and serves as a starting point in innovation development. Therefore, VOICT as an organization gathering top-notch Serbian IT and software development companies will relly on strong partnership with UNS to matchmake young talents (mostly students) and seekers (mostly innovative SMEs).

Technical Facsheet

The lab itself will be located at the Business Incubator Novi Sad (http://inkubator.biz/) – a place where many innovative initiatives take place regularly. It is one of the most important business points located in the city center area of Novi Sad. Some facts:

  • 800 m2 of business space
  • 20 business offices
  • 100 m2 co-working area
  • 2 coffee break areas
  • 1 conference room and 2 meeting rooms

Target Group

Young Talents (Solvers)


- case study solving knowledge

- tech savvy

- used to team work


- more direct SME‘s contacts

- business mentoring

- innovative challenges

Challenges - first cycle:

Challenges - second cycle:


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)