DA-SPACE Open Innovation to Raise Entrepreneurship Skills and Public Private Partnership in Danube Region




The open Innovation Lab in Ulm is named "Testfeld", the lab promotes a cross-disciplinary and transnational cooperation among different stakeholders able to generate new solutions and nurture the entrepreneurial skills of all the actors involved.

The premise contributes from the experimental atmosphere and the existing environment. With 3D-Printers and lots of other tools the lab invites their participants to experiment and research in the best way.   The Testfeld is located in the facilities of the Verschwörhaus in the city center of Ulm.

In the open innovation lab entrepreneurial problems and issues shall be evaluated. The participants have the change to learn different open innovation methods. So their individually toolbox will be widened.

The Testfeld offers different challenges related to the different fields:

Challenges for the second cycle:

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You also can get in contact with us via mail or telephone:

Sabrina Richter                                Valentina Grillea

s.richter@ulm.de                              grillea@bwcon.de

+49 731/161-1041                                 +49 711 / 18421-642

+49 17610344008



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)