CityWalk - Towards energy responsible places: establishing walkable cities in the Danube Region

CityWalk project helps cities in the Danube Region to reduce emissions, noise and to become safer, better places to live, by increasing the role of more sustainable forms of mobility in the urban transport mix, especially active transport forms – like walking and biking. To do so the main focus of project is to improve the key conditions of walkability.

Increasing greenhouse gas emissions and congestions are negative side effects of urbanization, resulting from inefficient and unsustainable local transport systems. A key challenge in cities is to improve transport systems and accessibility in an environmentally-friendly manner. CityWalk project will result in improved urban mobility - while reducing emissions, noise levels and congestions, increasing safety and making cities more liveable places (and also contributing to a healthier population).

Although the emphasis is on walking, the proposed project addresses the challenge with a holistic approach – improving urban mobility through efficiently combining various means of transport. Efficient urban transport systems, with an emphasis on  active forms of transport – especially walking have various conditions – we help cities in the Danube Region to identify the obstacles, develop and implement a plan to address those obstacles. To do so, our partnership will develop a toolkit (walkability guide, index and online tool), design 8 walkability plans, deliver 8 pilot actions, develop and present policy proposals.

Towards energy responsible places: establishing walkable cities in the Danube Region
Start date
End date
Budget in Euro
Overall: 2229590,5
ERDF Contribution: 1669430,16
IPA Contribution: 225721,75
ENI Contribution: 0
Call number
Call 1
Better connected and energy responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Support environmentally-friendly and safe transport systems and balanced accessibility of urban and rural areas


Filename Date of upload
CityWalk Baseline Study (WP3, D3.1.1) 04-07-2017 14:26:38
PowerPoint Presentation BS 04-07-2017 14:49:31
Infographic BS - Negative effects 04-07-2017 15:00:33
Infographic BS - Benefits 04-07-2017 15:01:03
Infographic BS - Walkability planning 04-07-2017 15:01:34
Infographic BS - Street design 04-07-2017 15:02:04
Infographic BS - Transport mode mix 04-07-2017 15:02:41
Infographic BS - Raising awarness 04-07-2017 15:03:12
Project roll-up 31-05-2017 13:13:44
Project poster 31-05-2017 13:04:00
Project leaflet 31-05-2017 12:59:43
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Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Scientific Research centre Bistra Ptuj Lead partner Slovenia
First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association ERDF partner Hungary
Development Centre Of the Heart of Slovenia ERDF partner Slovenia
Cassovia Life Sciences ERDF partner Slovakia
City municipality Varaždin ERDF partner Croatia
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Project News

  • CityWalk - Symposium “Steps towards liveable cities” - SAVE THE DATE!!!
    - 19-09-2017

    Walking is an environment friendly way of transport, it is the most democratic way of moving, and it is healthy. It is the best way to meet people, experience the city, and take part in city life. November 28th, 2017 Conference congress...

  • CityWalk - The Winners of the »Walk in my City« Photo Competition are …
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    After the long month of patience and unbearable suspense, you are finally about to know the winners of the “Walk in my city" photo competition. The winners are:   3rd place:  Walking between river of wine bottles and poetry in city of...

  • CityWalk - Walking can have huge health benefits
    - 24-08-2017

    More than six million middle-aged Brits are facing a shocking health time-bomb as they fail to manage a single 10 minute walk in a month. The frightening statistic came from an official survey from Public Health England. Dr. Jenny Harries,...

  • CityWalk - Photo competition: "Walk in my city"
    - 10-07-2017

    The #Walk in my city PHOTO COMPETITION is open to anyone who spots a great photo opportunity showing a walk in his or her city. Walk in Szeget, Hungary. Participate in the #Walk in my city photo competition for a chance to win a CD of...

  • CityWalk - Baseline Study - first deliverable as a part of Establishing State of the Art of the Walkability Planning
    - 04-07-2017

    Sustainable urban mobility is an issue of increasing importance in cities around the world. With a steadily growing urban population intra-urban mobility needs are on the rise, resulting in a continuous increase in the number of cars moving...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)