CD SKILLS Improving celiac disease management in the Danube region by raising the awareness, improving the knowledge, and developing better skills

Pilot projects - coming soon

New innovative services are needed in order to improve public healthcare service and quality of life of celiac disease patients, as the existing Celiac disease management practices are insufficient in the Danube region. New services were identified and organised into seven pilot projects:

  1. Testing for Celiac disease in general population, risk groups and elderly
  2. Testing for Celiac disease related complications
  3. ICT supported histopathology analysis of biopsy samples
  4. Patient registry set-up
  5. Monitoring of CD patients with telemedicine solutions
  6. Development and implementation of gluten-free products registry.
  7. Improved capacity of food catering providers to provide safe gluten-free products

The work related to the implementation of the pilot projects is grouped in the following activities:

Activity A.T4.1 - Identification of pilot services, creation of stakeholders groups and preparation of common pilot methodology
Activity A.T4.2 - Implementation of pilot services aiming at early and accurate diagnosis and detection of complications
Activity A.T4.3 - Implementation of pilot services aiming at improving the quality of life of CD patients;
Activity A.T4.4 - Preparation of common pilot activity report including recommendations for transfer to other regions.

We will soon publish more information about pilot projects.

A new BLItz Technology-based instrument to assist near-patient quantitative measurement of celiac antibodies (pilot No.3 - ICT supported histopathology analysis of biopsy samples).

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)