ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Improving Capacities for Enhancing Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Black Forest Biosphere Reserve
    - 04-08-2017

    In June 2017, UNESCO`s "Man and the Biosphere Programme" (MAB) recognized the southern part of the Black Forest in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany as a biosphere reserve. Besides Freiburg, 28 municipalities are incorporated into the new biosphere...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Our homeland is amazing
    - 02-08-2017

    What can a country make attractive? Is it culture, architecture, natural beauties or all of these together? Watch our new video "Our Homeland Is Amazing" created by one of the project partners, FHRIA (First Hungarian Responsible Innovation...

    - 30-06-2017

    The ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project finished its first period of implementation via a Steering Committee meeting held from 21st to 22nd June in Belgrade. This meeting was hosted by the Institute of Architecture, Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - The first Croatian national workshop
    - 27-06-2017

    The first Croatia national workshop organised by Institute for Spatial Planning of the Koprivnica-Križevci County took place on 14 June 2017 in Koprivnica. The workshop was started with the introduction of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project and...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Invitation to the Romanian National Workshop
    - 20-06-2017

    The transnational project "ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Improving Capacities for Enhancing Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region" deals with the topic of territorial attractiveness of the Danube Region and the specific elements of potential that...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - An Animation about the Project
    - 20-06-2017

    Still wondering what the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project is all about. One of the project partners, FHRIA (First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association) team, created an animation "Somewhere in Europe" about the main idea of the project. Enjoy...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Half of the first round of workshops is successfully behind us
    - 13-06-2017

    Bosnia and Herzegovina The first Bosnia and Herzegovina national workshop took place on 24 May 2017 at Hotel Terme, Sarajevo. Since the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project is considered a follow-up of the ATTRACT-SEE project, a short presentation...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - The first Slovak national workshop
    - 01-06-2017

    Technical University of Košice (TUKE) utilized the framework of the EDA 2017 Conference to present the concept of Territorial Attractiveness and to pool the requirements of local and regional policy makers and strategic planners for the...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - The first national workshops already took place
    - 30-05-2017

    Hungary Within the framework of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, Lechner Nonprofit Ltd. with the First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association held their first national workshop in Szeged, Hungary on May 17, 2017. The theme of the workshop...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Kick-off Conference Scrapbook
    - 23-05-2017

    As a little reminder of what happened during the project opening Kick-off Conference, CENIA prepared a "Conference Scrapbook", which you can download in PDF from our web pages or view in the image gallery.

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - The preparation of the first national workshops is in full swing
    - 10-05-2017

    The preparation of the first participatory planning workshops within the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project is in full swing. Below you can find invitations to another national workshops that will take place gradually in all partner...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Hungarian First National Workshop
    - 04-05-2017

    FHRIA and Lechner Nonprofit Ltd. are organising the First National Workshop of ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Project in Szeged, Hotel Soleil on 17 May 2017, 10 am. The aim is to create the Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform during the project...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - First participatory planning workshop in Slovakia
    - 27-04-2017

    One of the first national workshops organized within the participatory planning process in order to establish national platforms for territorial attractiveness assessment will be held in Košice (Slovakia). This workshop will be placed into...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Project Attractive Danube is entering next phase
    - 25-04-2017

    The ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project is gradually entering the next phase, whose main purpose is the establishment of national Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platforms (TAMP). These national platforms for territorial attractiveness assessment...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Piecing together national attractiveness indicators has begun
    - 13-04-2017

    The work on completing national indicators for assessment of the national attractiveness has already begun. Piecing together national indicators will give us a better picture and filling up indicators for Czech Republic revealed some interesting...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Firts Annoucement - Steering Committee Meeting in Belgrade
    - 21-03-2017

    ATTRACTIVE DANUBE STEERING COMMITTEE MEETING Improving Capacities to Enhance Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region 88 Rooms Hotel Belgrade, 21st - 23rd June, 2017     The forthcoming Steering Committee Meeting of...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Summary of the Attractive Danube Kick-off Conference and jointly organized Czech – Slovak National INSPIRE Conference focused on sustainability
    - 01-03-2017

    The first national Czech conference dedicated to the INSPIRE Directive took place back in 2008, and since then its concept this year has changed. The dates of the conference were moved to the winter months and the traditional Czech/Slovak...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Kick-off Conference live stream
    - 14-02-2017

    The Kick-off conference of ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project has already began. You can follow it on our live stream on the link bellow.  

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - ATTRACTIVE DANUBE kick off week, 14th – 17th February 2017 final programme
    - 10-02-2017

    Preparation for the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE kick off week jointly with Czech – Slovak national INSPIRE conference is now culminating. The final programme is now available on the website of this joint event:...

  • ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - ATTRACTIVE DANUBE kick off week, 14th – 17th February 2017 Prague
    - 16-01-2017

    We are pleased to invite you to the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE kick off week in Prague that will be held 14th – 17th February 2017 in Park Inn Hotel Prague. Please note that ATTRACTIVE DANUBE kick off conference is organized jointly with Czech –...

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