ACCELERATOR Developing accelerators to provide better access to innovation finance for SMEs

Innovative SMEs in all participating regions of ACCELERATOR are hindered by access to equity particularly in their early stage development. Thus ACCELERATOR engages in exploring and piloting the innovative path of acceleration programmes (a new type of investment readiness programme) towards improved business support in the Danube region. ACCELERATOR’S main objective is to enhance access to innovation finance through improving the institutional framework conditions and related policy instruments by developing the practical solution of acceleration services and influencing the concerned strategic framework at partner’s regions and programme level. The primary target group is SMEs in need of capital but lacking skills to acquire it. Secondly we target business support organisations at which new and improved acceleration services will be bedded and we link these organisations through a Danube-region transnational network.  Third we concentrate on integrating equity financing institutions in regional innovation ecosystems. Last the integration of the public sector is highly relevant for us due to increasing attention to equity programmes from ESIF sources. Our approach has strong transnational dimension: beyond the transnational network mentioned above, regions with well performing innovation systems and partners with successful acceleration schemes will assist weaker regions or partners with limited experience, in addition joint actions will be triggered. ACCELERATOR results in introduced acceleration programmes at less experienced partners and improved acc. programmes at experienced partners. This embodies ACCELERATOR’s expected change defined as higher number and better acc. services. The partnership actively integrates public bodies to channel joint policy recommendations on facilitating the spread of acceleration services and works out a joint strategy on the promotion of acceleration services and on their integration in ESIF measures in the Danube region.

Developing accelerators to provide better access to innovation finance for SMEs
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Budget in Euro
Overall: 1966163,42
ERDF Contribution: 1359291,64
IPA Contribution: 311947,23
ENI Contribution: 0
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Call 1
Innovative and socially responsible Danube region
Specific objective
Improve framework conditions for innovation

Project Partners

Name Type Email Country
Szechenyi T6kealap-kezel6 Zrt. Lead partner Hungary
Central-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. ERDF partner Hungary
Association of Small- and Medium Size Enterprises of Covasna County ASIMCOV ERDF partner Romania
Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd. ERDF partner Slovenia
Institute for Entrepreneurship Research ERDF partner Slovenia
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Project News

  • ACCELERATOR - 4th Working Group & Steering Committee meeting in Sofia
    - 07-12-2017

    At 27-28th November 2017, the partnership held its 4th Working Group & Steering Committee meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria. The scheduling of the meeting was as follows: approval of Output 3.1 (Policy framework summary report), Output 3.2 (Demand and...

  • ACCELERATOR - 3rd Working Group meeting
    - 06-12-2017

    The project partners held their 3rd Working Group meeting from 13th to 15th September, 2017 at Mór, Hungary. The partners continued to discuss the WP3 outputs and deliverables, from the previous meeting held in Graz, Austria (June, 2017)....

  • ACCELERATOR - The first project brochure has published
    - 23-11-2017

    The first brochure of project has already reached for everyone. The communication tool includes project information with partners and objectives.   It can download from here.  

  • ACCELERATOR - Work Group meeting and Steerin Committee in Sofia
    - 04-11-2017

    The 4th Working Group meeting and 2nd Steering Committee of ACCELERATOR project is going to be held from 27th to 28th November, 2017 in Sofia hosted by Technology Center Sofia. The timeframe for the meeting: Day 1: 27 November (Monday)...

  • ACCELERATOR - 3rd workging group meeting in Hungary
    - 06-09-2017

    The 3rd Working Group meeting of ACCELERATOR project is going to be held from 14th to 15th September, 2017 in Mór, Hungary. On the first day, the main topic of the meeting will be WP4- Pilots. In this session, partners will present their...

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)