DTP Post 2020

The debate about the future of EU Cohesion Policy 2020 taking place in 2018 and 2019 included dicussion on the future of territorial cooperation - better know as Interreg. Many institutions and countries have expressed publicly their views on how they see the future. The Danube Transnational Programme wanted to contribute to the debate with this website section in which updated information and relevant documents were included during the whole year 2019.

With view to the future of the programme and in order to demonstrate the added value of transnational cooperation in the Danube Region, a document containing four ESSENTIAL MESSAGES WITH PROJECT EVIDENCE has been produced by the DTP managing bodies. A longer list of messages about transnational cooperation in general has been jointly elaborated by the Interreg Transnational Programmes.

Moreover, we gave the opportunity to relevant stakeholders in the Danube Region to have a say on the future of the Danube Transnational Programme. The collected feedback was taken into consideration by the programme Monitoring Committee both in the preparation of the third call for proposals and in the discussions about the future of transnational cooperation in the Danube Region. The survey about the future of the DTP was open until 10th March 2019. 

The European Commission launched a 'Public consultation on EU funds in the area of cohesion'. This consultation helped to design proposals for the next generation of financial programmes for the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework, which is the EU's long–term budget. Its objective is to collect the views of all interested parties on how to make the most of every euro of the EU budget. The questionnaire was open until 8th March 2018.

What is more, the European Commission launched also the Consultation on the Future of Europe. This consultation lets express citizens concerns, hopes and expectations. This is about making people's voice heard by EU leaders to help them steer the priorities for next few years. 



White paper on the future of Europe of the European Commission

Building blocks for a future Cohesion Policy - Reserach for REGI Committee - European Parliament

Opinion on the future of Cohesion Policy after 2020 by the Committee of the Regions

Research and reflexion project and Study reports on Post 2020 of the Committee of the Regions

Documents and meetings of the High Level Group monitoring simplification for beneficiaries of ESI Funds 

The cost and risk of non-cohesion: The strategic value of cohesion policy for pursuing the Treaty objectives and facing new challenges for European regions

Enlargement: Inclusion of Western Balkan Local and Regional Authorities in EU's Macro-regional, Cross-border and other Transnational Cooperation Initiatives

EU budget: Regional Development and Cohesion Policy beyond 2020  

"New Cohesion Policy" for the next programming period & information on "Tour de Capitales"  

Regional Development and Cohesion - Available in various languages and formats (html, word etc.) 

European Parliament's briefing on the proposal for a Regulation on the European Regional Development Fund and on the Cohesion Fund 2021-2027


Position papers with rationale and examples towards simplyfied and more focused INTERREG post-2020 - Czech Republic

German Position paper on Cohesion policy Post 2020

Potentials for further improvement of transnational INTERREG Programmes post 2020 – some practical suggestions by German practitioners (German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure)

Working paper on the evolution of Interreg 2020+ (German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure)

Non-paper of the Austrian governement: A differentiated approach for Cohesion Policy Post 2020

Joint Paper of the Visegrad Group, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia on Cohesion Policy after 2020 

- The view of the Austrian regions on "INTERREG post-2020"

National Position of Croatia on the Cohesion Policy Post 2020 


Joint Statement of the Ministers responsible for the implementation of the EUSDR


Cohesion Alliance declaration

CPMR proposals for a strong and reformed post-2020 Cohesion Policy

AER position on Cohesion Policy Post 2020

AEBR statement

Eurocities policy paper

CEMR position paper

Ideas for Interreg Post 2020 (Cross-Border and Transnational programmes) collected by Interact

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)